Commentary on JAN interactive has replaced JAN Forum in the journal itself. 

JAN interactive allows JAN readers to respond to papers that have been published in the journal. Contributions to JAN interactive may be submitted by anyone (i.e. non-nurses and nurses). Acceptance of an entry for publication will be at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. The author(s) of the original paper will be offered the right of first reply. These entries will be posted on JAN interactive and no further correspondence by this route will be posted. Further comment and correspondence will be by means of the ‘Comment’ section under the entry and will be made directly by anyone wishing to contribute. Anyone may enter comments; comments are expected to be polite and constructive, and will be moderated by the Editor-in-Chief.

If you would like to submit a commentary, please consult the author guidelines.

You can also read Editor-in-Chief Roger Watson's editorial about the transition from JAN Forum.


Bert Garssen: Commentary on Reinert K.G. & Koenig H.G. (2013) Re-examining definitions of spirituality in nursing research

Katia G. Reinert: Response to Bert Garssen

Sally Lima, Fiona Newall, Sharon Kinney, Helen Jordan, Bridget Hamilton:

Jane O’Connell, Glenn Gardner, Fiona Coyer: Response to Lima, et al.

Nora-Ann Donnelly & Frank Doyle: Commentary on Verbeek et al. (2015) Inter-country exploration of factors associated with admission to long-term institutional dementia care: evidence from the RightTimePlaceCare study.

Hilde Verbeek & Jan PH Hamers: Response to Donnelly & Doyle

Adem Parlak, Sedat Devele & Nehir Parlak: Commentary on Elliott (2015) Military nurses' experiences returning from war

Amir Mirhaghi: Commentary on: Innes K. (2015) Care of patients in emergency department waiting rooms – an integrative review

Kelli Innes, Debra Jackson, Virginia Plummer & Doug Elliott: Response to Amir Mirhaghi

Jeanette R. Bauchat et al.:Commentary on Dean et al. (2016) 'Living dolls and nurses without empathy'


Nakisha Ice: Commentary on: Vioulac C., Aubree C., Massy Z.A. & Untas A. (2016) Empathy and stress in nurses working in haemodialysis: a qualitative study


Jose M. Moran: Commentary on Jøranson N., Pedersen I., Rokstad A.M.M. & Ihlebæk C. (2016) Change in quality of life in older people with dementia participating in Paro-activity: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Nina Jøranson, Ingeborg Pedersen, Anne Marie Mork Rokstad, Camilla Ihlebæk: Response to Jose M. Moran.